Tuesday, March 30, 2010


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Friday, March 26, 2010


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Our guest, David Barna, Chief of Public
Affairs, discussed National Park Week
and Cherry Blossom Fest in the
National Mall in Washington, D.C.
It's flowers blooming in Albany, NY
as guest, Michele Vennard, President
and CEO/Albany County CVB, joins us
to talk about the annual Tulip Fest.
Nikki Heichelbach, Media Communications
Mgr., Lexington, KY talks about the
Keeneland Spring Horseracing, and FEI
World Equestrian Games and James Beard
Foundation Celebrity Chef Bluegrass
Competition www.visitlex.com
Kevin talks Travel News and Sue talks
Travel Tips.
Regular contributor, Tom Parsons,
www.bestfares.com with Deals & Steals.
Guest  Zoe Katsulos,
Humanitourism expert.
Travelwriter, Bijan Bayne of
Washington D.C. in St. Louis to
attend NCAA Men's Regional Basketball


Sue McCarthy is the "Travel Expert"
for Fox News Channel 2 in St. Louis, MO.
Last week she was interviewed by anchor
April Simpson about "Things to
Know Before Traveling to Mexico for
Spring Break."
To see the interview video go to
Morning Show Archives.


Our show this week visited several states and Canada:
Donna Spaght, Asst State Park Supervisor
Mount Magazine State Park and River Valley
Vineyards near Paris, Arkansas
Highest point in the state at 2,753 ft.
The lodge has 60 rooms and cabins.
Luisa Frey, Development Consulate
Family Travel Marketing Svcs.
Sue was on Fox News Channel 2 on
the Mexican Border Drug Wars and
Is it safe to go on Spring Break in
Mexico.  Kevin joined her on KTRS
to also discuss the topic.  We both
discussed the pro and cons of
Spring Break in Mexico and said we
felt it was safe in certain areas, but
not along the border.
Regular contributor, Tom Parsons
www.bestfares.com with weekly
deals & steals.  Coast to coast.
Regular contributor, travelwriter
Patrice Raplee on her recent trip to
Prince Rupert and Queen Charlotte
Islands, North British Columbia.
Haida Gwaii Aboriginal Tour.


This weeks show started out with:
Heinrich Hall, Guide with Peter Sommer Tours
Heinrich took us on a journey through the
Northern and Southern Dodecanese Islands
off the coast of Greece.
Keith Mandermack of Lake Placid Lodge in
Lake Placid, NY (Relais and Chateau property)
told us about the Fly Fishing Packages available.
Kevin and Sue rounded out the first hour with
Travel News and Travel Tips.
Our regular contributor, Tom Parsons,
of www.bestfares.com shared with us
some great deals for Florida Fly and Drive,
Las Vegas, Mexico and more.
Our regular contributor, travelwriter
Michelle Newman talked about her
recent trip to Jordan and the foods
of Jordan.  www.visitjordan.com

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Presidential Visit

More parade route photos of signs and police car.
Photos and observations by Sue McCarthy

Photos from President Obama's St. Charles MO Visit

Photos of the St. Charles, MO High School near our house and the parade

President Obama Visits St. Charles, MO

No matter what political beliefs I have, when the
President of the United States visited the
St. Charles High School, which is two blocks from
our home, I decided to take my camera and get
photos of the event.  The police escort consisted
of lots of police...motorcycle police, St. Charles
police, County police, State Highway police
and of course the Men In Black...otherwise known
as Secret Service...oh yes, there was also a SWAT
Armored Personnel Carrier and security on the roof.
There were two black limousines in a row with dark
windows so I couldn't see inside.  Local dignitaries
accompanied President Obama.  The high school is
only about 10 miles from the airport and I watched
as Air Force One, the president's plane, flew directly
overhead.  There were people carrying signs representing
opposing views on President Obamas administration.  
A few people got into a shouting match and the police
were quick to respond.  Nothing serious happened and
the crowd dispersed.  One man thought he could get
a better photo from the 2nd floor window of his home,
and the Secret Service knocked on his door and said
he had to come down.  His house was directly across
from the high school.  His wife said he would never live
this faux pas down with the family members.
A final note:  I also took a photo of one of the St. Charles
police cars in the parade and you can see a hand waving
at the people from the back seat with the window rolled
down.  I  wondered perhaps if President Obama was
really in the backseat of that car instead of one of the
limos.  Guess I'll never know.

President Obama Signs Travel Promotion Act

President Barack Obama recently signed the Travel Promotion Act
(TPA) that imposes a $10 fee on foreign travelers that are coming
to the U.S.
Roger Dow, President & CEO of the U.S. Travel Association says,
"By signing the Travel Promotion Act, President Obama has acted to
support the power of travel to serve as an economic stimulant, job
generator and diplomatic tool.  This program will create tens of
thousands of American jobs and help reverse negative perceptions
about travel to the U.S."
The Act will create a campaign to promote the U.S. as a premier
travel destination and inform foreign visitors about the changing travel
security fundraising campaign to market and advertise international
In 2009, 2.4 million fewer overseas visitors can to the U.S. than in 2000.

Happy New Year in March

In the course of our travels we never cease to be amazed at what we learn
from places we visit and people we meet. A recent response from a
subscriber to our YouTube channel brought us the following E-Mail

Happy New Year; Nowrooz Pirooz (On 20 March 2010)

Happy Persian New year (Nowruz) to you and to your family. In the Persian

language Nowruz means new day, it is a celebration to welcome spring, and
in our Persian calendar, the most important Holiday.

This celebration originated in 550330 BC year ago in the Achaemenid Empire.
The celebration of Nowruz dates back to ancient times, it is associated with

the lush green color of new growth, and is specifically symbolized by the
growing of freshly sprouted wheat, that in turn is associated with the onset
of spring.

Among the important festivals that are held in anticipation of Nowruz is the

festival of fire, Chaharshanbe Suri or soori , which is celebrated on the last
Wednesday of the year in the Persian calendar. In the Parsi language suri
means red, and also means party. This festival of fire to Zoroastrians includes
 jumping over a fire, to rid of the evil spirits, and the bad things youve done,
 to essentially have a fresh, and clean start to the New Year.

The video that is attached to this e-mail is about the original, traditional table

setting used to celebrate Nowruz. This traditional table setting for Nowrooz
has been kept by the Zoroastrian culture, and has been passed on from
generation, to generation. I hope you enjoy this video that we Parsis made
for you. It is about the magnificent original Persian heritage.
Thank You. Happy Nowruz!

Thank you Vina for sharing your heritage and culture with the world.

Here is the video

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Consolidated Gold Mine

Consolidated Gold Mine is in Dahlonega, GA and tours
will take you to a 200 ft. depth...and you can pan for GOLD.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hour #1
This weeks radio show started out with one of our regular
travel contributor's Mark Bradley.  Mark just returned from
a trip to the Beaches of South Walton, FL in the panhandle.
Then our travels took us back to Dahlonega, GA where Sue
visited a gold mine last fall.  Dathan Harbert of the
Consolidated Gold Mine www.consolidatedgoldmine.com
talked about the 200' deep mine where tours occur and
how you can pan for gold and gemstones.
Back to the Florida panhandle with Chef Scott Nelson of
the Culinary Gallery in Santa Rosa Beach www.culinarygallery.com
Next, Kevin and Sue talked about the Travel News and Travel Tips.
Hour #2
Our weekly Deals and Steals with Tom Parsons of
www.bestfares.com discussed great Las Vegas deals and
great savings with Fly and Drive from Florida destinations.
Another of our regular contributors, Cassie Eckardt, filled us in
on a recent trip on NCL Spirit.  The ship left out of New Orleans
and ports included Costa Maya, Belize, Guatemala and Cozumel.
Cassie told us NCL in 2011 will no longer stop in Guatemala due
to a $10/head tax on any ships coming into port. 
Listen to podcasts of the show.