Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Chocolatier Thierry Lauzea
Freres Lauzea
Chocolates, we sampled...yum

Martinique Photos

Chef Johnny and Chef Guy Ferdinand
aka "Chef Hot Pants"
Petibonum Beach Restaurant
Black Sand Beach


The radio interviews are broadcast over the web and 15
radio stations throughout the U.S.
every Saturday, 8 - 10am central.
More interviews from Martinique and photos.  The annual
top travel association show in U.S. held in Orlando.  Our
regulars Tom Parsons with Deals & Steals and our
regular travelwriter, Patrice, with a report from the
Isle of Guernsey.
Gilles Duplan, owner of
Trois-Ilets, Martinique overlooking
the bay, hotel of charm and suites and villas.
We talk about our visit to the birthplace of
Josephine, Empress and wife of Napolean Bonaparte.
La Pagerie Museum in Trois-Ilets, Martinique
2010 U.S. Travel Association's PowWow
with over 5,000 in attendence for convention
where billions in travel and tourism sales are made.
We also discussed Kevin's visit to Kennedy Space
Ctr, where he is the "voice" of the I-Pad for the Ctr.
Sue had an adventure day (more to come on that)
starting off with an airboat ride, a bi-plane ride and
then "I CAN FLY" indoor skydiving at 145mph.
Weekly Kevin has the travel news and Sue has
the travel tips.
Tom Parsons, www.bestfares.com
Deals & Steals for our listeners.
Regular contributor, Patrice Raplee,
travelwriter Editor Travel Excursion &
Seattle Spotlight, columnist for
Patrice visited the Isle of Guernsey, who knew
it is closer to France than to England???
She also talked about being caught up in the
delays from the volcano ash from Iceland.
All radio interviews are archived 24/7 on


We had a wonderful trip to Martinique and interviewed
chefs, chocolatiers, hoteliers and talked about museums.
Hour 1
Crystal Coita, representative for Martinique
with www.franceguide.com  talked about life
in Martinique and their history, food and culture.
An interview with Chef Guy Ferdinand aka "Chef Hot Pants"
and Chef Johnny at the Petibonum Beach Restaurant.  The
black sand beach in Martinique was very hot and the gourmet
meals prepared for us were outstanding.
Another interview in Lamentin, Martinique was with
Chocolatier Thierry Lauzea, Freres Lauzea.  We
toured and sampled his fine chocolates.
Our regular, Tom Parsons, www.bestfares.com
told us about the weeks Deals & Steals.
Next interview was with Chef Raphael Fletcher,
Fleur de Sel, La Troise Islet, Martinique.
French food...can't get any better than that.
We spent our last night in Martinique at the
Relais & Chateaux, Cap Est and talked with
Veronique Tauquin
Next week there will be more interviews from
the wonderful tropical island of Martinique.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fox News Channel 2

Wednesday, June 16
Sue is the "Travel Expert" for Fox News Channel 2 in St. Louis
and was interviewed by anchor John Brown on the Drug Crisis
in Kingston, Jamaica and Mexico and the Gulf Coast Oil Crisis.
http://www.travel.state.gov/ Dept. of State warns against traveling to
capital city of Kingston, Jamaica.  The Government of Jamaica
has imposed a State of Emergency.  Prime Minister Bruce Manning
agreed with U.S. to extradite one of the world's most dangerous
narcotics kingpins, Christoper "Dudus" Coke.  His supporters
have been stockpiling arms and having clashes with police. 
Some airlines have cancelled flights into the capital city and access
to the Norman Manley International Airport has at times been blocked
by the clashes with the police and the criminal elements.  The drug lord
has been compared to Robin Hood by the locals since he gives to the poor.
TIPS  Avoid public gatherings and use a high degree of caution when traveling
in the Kingston area.

Gulf Coast Oil Crisis
Edith Parten, Communication Director for the Alabama
Gulf Coast Region said, "We have had hundreds of calls
and requests from across the state and U.S. asking what
they can do to help with the Gulf Coast oil spill crisis.  We
are asking potential tourists and visitors to keep their vacation
plans on the Gulf Coast.  That is the best way they can help."
"There are so many things to see and do on our Gulf Coast
other than getting in the ocean.  Swimming pools, shopping,
great restaurants and attractions like Bellingrath Gardens
and the Exploreum in Mobile, and the Zoo and Fort Morgan
in Gulf Shores."
"Keep your plans, the beaches are still beautiful in many
areas and crews are working hard to clean up what has
come ashore."
Baldwin County, Alabama has 40,000 travel-related jobs
that will be affected and visitor spending is $2.3 billion.

Florida Governor Charlie Christ has made preparation and
response to the oil crisis his top priority.  For primary updates
and info on response actions and impacts to the state of Florida
Some hotels and resorts are experiencing some cancellations.
The residents say they are used to hurricanes and tropical
storms, but not this kind of threat with uncertainty.
For maps and tracking on the oil spill go to
The surface point of the spill is now 160 miles.

Destin, FL has piled up 244 loads of sand berms to protect the 15 rare coastal freshwater
dune lakes.  Santa Rosa Beach, FL has concrete barriers and mesh netting ready if needed to
protect their beaches.

Rescued birds from the Gulf of Mexico have been moved to the Atlantic Ocean side
at Wabasso, FL.


Updated travel warnings remain in effect for the Mexico border towns of
Tijuana, Nogales, Ciudad Juarea, Nuevo Laredo, Monterray and Matamoros.
Millions of U.S. citizens visit Mexico annually and the resort and tourist areas
do not see the level of crime and violence.  Most of the victims are Mexican
citizens who are associated with criminal activities, security also poses a
threat for U.S. citizens. 
TIPS  Avoid dangerous situations, know who to contact in an emergency,
avoid areas where crime might occur and visit tourist areas in daylight.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Theatrical and Literary Trip to Alabama

Radio Interviews for Travel Planners Radio Show
Edith Parten, Gulf Coast Reg. Dir. Tourism
Plays and Musicals
Opening Night "To Kill A Mockingbird"
"It's A Grand Night For Singing"
"Color Purple Musical"
Shakespeares "All's Well That Ends Well"
Edgar Allan Poe's "Fall of the House (Usher)"
Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, Curator
Birmingham Museum of Art
Wedgewood Collection
Kevin Travel News
Sue Travel Tips
Tom Parsons www.BestFares.com 
Henry Howard (on left in surgeon photo)
1st Sgt. Medical Orderly
31st Alabama Infantry
Regimental Field Hospital Re-enactment
James Hammond, Battle of Selma
Re-enactment Committee Chair