Monday, July 23, 2018

Nick's Bar and Grill, Des Moines, IA

Nick's Bar and Grill in the Des Moines suburb of Clive, Iowa is a great place to eat that reminds of the old Supper Club style of restaurant minus the relish platter. The restaurant side is paneled in hard woods with comfortable booths. The Bar side is also finished in hard woods and is a comfortable place to have a cocktail as well as a meal. There is patio seating as well.
Our waitress, Maureen,who has been there for more than a decade, was very pleasant and shared a few stories with us as well. She said it is known as a family restaurant where a lot of “deals” are made in the back room. I cautiously asked if she meant Mafia Family Deals and she laughed and said “no, just political deals”. It seems that Nick's is a favorite meeting place for well known politicians during the Iowa caucuses! The like of john McCain, Rand Paul and others have been known to meet in the private dining room to hash out their positions for upcoming elections.
Since 1996, Nick’s has been known in the Clive community for being the “go to” restaurant for a power business lunch or dinner. Our relaxed environment along with home cooked food and drinks at a very reasonable price is what has customers coming back on a regular basis.
The atmosphere at Nick’s is perfect for a quiet evening date. The dinner menu is filled with great tasting dishes, wonderful desserts and reasonably priced drink specials. I had a bourbon on the rocks and it came out as a double pour. Sue had a cranberry margarita martini and it was also a good sized pour.
We started with Sue having a house salad with blue cheese dressing. I had a cup of Southwestern style corn soup. Sue's main dish was the Linguini Carbonara with bacon, mushrooms and a cream sauce. It was a large portion and absolutely delicious. I had Pork Medallions in a mustard and sage Cream Sauce with a side of Cole slaw. The meat was so tender I cut it with my fork and the mustard/sage combination was perfection! I also had an IPA draft beer with dinner.
We were too full to even consider desserts as neither of us could finish all of our entrees.
Nick's Bar and Grill is fine dining at a very reasonable cost. Our total bill was only $58.00! we will definitely go back to Nick's Bar and Grill.
Nick's is located at 9769 University Ave. Clive, IA Phone 515 221 1338

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